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What does IBA offer to you?

  • canias4.0 technologies: “Expert” trainings and “Implementation” trainings of all caniasERP modules,
  • International Project Management approaches and caniasERP “PRJ” module training,
  • Software Engineering tranings,
  • TROIA development platform “Basic” and “Advanced” trainings,
  • Database, iasDB, System-Infrastructure and SQL trainings,
  • English lessons at all levels,
  • Webinars,
  • Within the scope of university collaborations: Workshops, semester courses, caniasERP laboratories,
  • Competence and skills development trainings.
  • IBA trainings are designed so that participants can use caniasERP modules effectively; Special training content is prepared for users of all levels. Therefore, whether you are a key user or end-user of canias4.0 technologies, or a caniasERP consultant… Thanks to IBA trainings, you will achieve maximum efficiency in your business processes on caniasERP.
  • In the module specialization trainings given by expert trainers in their fields, you learn the most up-to-date standards of each module with all its functions, by applying on the training databases, and you reinforce them by practices.
  • In the "Implementation" trainings offered exclusively to caniasERP consultants, you will have a good grasp of the installation and adaptation details of each module with the project templates created from the best adaptation field experiences.
  • Having its own software development platform TROIA, caniasERP is an industry-independent software. In addition to the solutions offered in caniasERP's standard software, special developments can be made easily for each sector and company. caniasERP produces special solutions for the needs of every sector. With the trainings it provides, IBA also supports the participants in the solutions produced specifically for the sectors on caniasERP. In addition to standard module trainings, training contents are also created for solutions developed specifically for your sector and company.
  • Lastly, as the IBA trainings will contribute to the process of mutual understanding of project teams and determining the requests correctly, designing and adapting the special developments to be made during the project analysis phase, you will achieve the goal of “successful projects and satisfied stakeholders”.
  • Before Training
  • During Training
  • After Training

Before Training

  • You can follow the monthly schedule of IBA trainings from www.iasbusinessacademy.com website. You can also submit an online request to the trainings you want to participate or send an e-mail about your training requests to “iba@canias40.com“.
  • When your request is approved, detailed participation information will be sent to the e-mail address you’ve used while signing up.
  • You will be informed by e-mail again if a training on the schedule you’ve already had a request is postponed or canceled for any reason.
  • You should use a corporate e-mail address while submitting your training request.
  • You should submit your request to the training at least 1 day before the training date so that the quota can be checked and the training participation information can be sent to you.
  • The prerequisites for each trainings are specified in the relevant module details on the www.iasbusinessacademy.com. Make sure you have the prerequisites before you participate to the training.
  • Before participating in the trainings, make sure that you have fully followed the instructions have been sent to your e-mail. This is very important for the efficiency of training. Following these instructions after the training has started will adversely affect the training time management and other participants.

During Training

  • You should attend the training on time. In case of delay, the trainer will be able to accept you to the session during the first break.
  • In online trainings, it is important to have your cameras on so that the instructor can observe, measure, and give feedback on your participation in the lesson and your interaction during the training, as well as for an interactive and efficient training. Otherwise, the instructor will indicate you as “did not attend” on the training participation form.
  • If you attend the training but don’t attend the exam, you will be indicated as “did not attend” on the training participation form.
  • Recording and sharing our training sessions by third parties is prohibited in accordance with the copyrights of our training content and the requirements of the GDPR. The trainer realizing that the session has been recorded with different methods and third-party software will log the participant out of the session.

After Training

  • The survey we send to our participants at the end of the training is so essential for us to get feedback, analyse and improve ourselves for better.


You can submit your training requests by clicking the "Submit Request" button on our up-to-date schedule under our "Trainings" page.


Relevant prerequisites for our trainings are specified in the detailed information of each training. For our online sessions, it will be enough to have a good internet connection and be in a suitable place.

We issue certificates for all trainings. At the end of each training, it is possible to get a certificate of participation. If you want to get an expert certificate, you need to complete all the relevant trainings successfully.

Yes, you can prefer only taking the exam. We can help you if you send your request to "iba@canias40.com".

Our trainings cover all the processes that have been developed and our content is constantly evolving in line with the development of our products. The scope of our trainings is specified on the detail page of the relevant training.

After submitting the training request, all necessary information is shared with the participant in the last 24 hours before the training starts. In case of any other situation, our participants are informed immediately.


Yes, you can prefer only taking the exam. We can help you if you send your request to "iba@canias40.com".


IBA provides two kinds of certificates to the participants after the trainings.
- Certificate of Participation
- Expert Certificate
Everyone who attends IBA trainings and successfully passes the exam gets a "Certificate of Participation" There are eight specialization groups in IBA trainings: Logistics, Production, Finance, Human Resources, TROIA & Infrastructure, E-Transformation, Costing, IOT & Automation. Persons who have completed all the expert trainings in the relevant expertise group and/or have successfully passed the expertise exam, as well as those who have participated in all implementation trainings in the relevant expertise group, are entitled to receive an "Expert Certificate".


You can reach all of our training documents via IBA Training Documents tab in MyCanias Portal. In case you have no access authorization, you can make a request to your trainer or iba@canias40.com.


According to the copyright and GDPR requirements, recording and sharing of our training sessions by third parties is prohibited. The trainer realizing that the session has been recorded with different methods and third-party software will log the participant out of the session.


Yes, our trainings are paid. You can check our schedule or directly contact us from iba@canias40.com for more details.


No, you cannot participate. The trainings which are specified as prerequisites of the modules are essential to understand clearly the relevant business process and concepts.


No, you cannot. Our databases are specially prepared for each training. The username and password is only available for the relevant training.


We arrange our sessions for at least 3 and maximum 15 participants.


Our trainings can be arranged privately for projects or companies if the required number of participants is reached.


As IAS Business Academy, we arrange all of our trainings in weekdays and between 09:30 - 17:30 (GMT +3, İstanbul Time). Please check out our schedule for more details.


In case you cannot see the training you want to participate, you can reach us directly from iba@canias40.com. It is our pleasure to evaluate your request and arrange our schedule as soon as possible.


If you do not attend all of the planned training sessions, you will not be able to have module competence and your chance of success will decrease in the exam. In this case, you will not be able to get the certificate of participation, and you will not be able to get your certificate of expertise as well.


Our trainings are only arranged online (on Zoom) for now due to the pandemic. Once the pandemic got better, we are planning to arrange our trainings face-to-face according to our company policy in the future.


Unfortunately, we do not provide such a service since our trainings are arranged under a trainer's supervision with practice.


You can send your training requests directly to iba@canias40.com including the relevant personnel's, corporate e-mail address, and related training information. You can also get in touch with our business partners management unit and plan your trainings together.