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IAS Business Academy

Our Mission

IAS Business Academy offers ‘Continuous Improvement’ for both ourselves and all our stakeholders with our trainers having proven their knowledge, experience, and expertise in their fields. We provide canias4.0 technologies trainings to everyone who manages and plans to manage business processes with caniasERP, aiming for a career in enterprise resource planning, interested in areas such as digital transformation, industry 4.0, big data, business intelligence, and willing to improve themselves in these areas.

Our Vision

Our vision is to always take the competencies of process owners one step further through their personal and corporate needs. We help you by sharing our knowledge with our training participants, enabling them to use caniasERP modules more effectively, increasing the efficiency of ERP software usage, contributing to maximize the benefit from canias4.0 technologies, and transform it into operational efficiency, and business excellence.

The main purpose of our trainings is to minimize all the issues that might arise while canias4.0 technologies users going live, and improve the competencies of expert users of canias4.0 solutions. We improve the competencies of all users of caniasERP regardless of their knowledge levels, countries, or sectors in our trainings.

We keep creating and teaching with "Continuous Development".






Training Subjects


Training Sessions

  • Certification Process
  • Training Methodology
  • IBA's Place in Projects

Certification Process

IBA provides two kinds of certificates to the participants after the trainings.

  • Certificate of Participation
  • Expert Certificate

Everyone who attends IBA trainings and successfully passes the exam gets a “Certificate of Participation” There are eight specialization groups in IBA trainings: Logistics, Production, Finance, Human Resources, TROIA & Infrastructure, E-Transformation, Costing, IOT & Automation. Participants who have completed all the expert trainings in the relevant expertise group and/or have successfully passed the expertise exam, as well as those who have participated in all implementation trainings in the relevant expertise group, are entitled to receive an “Expert Certificate”.

Certificate Verification

Training Methodology

IBA supports the participants’ training and development through face-to-face trainings, as well as online trainings which are location independent.
Trainings contents prepared both theoretical and practical by IBA are carried out with a maximum of 15 participants in order to maintain the training effectiveness.
Participants learn how to manage their own business process through caniasERP with maximum productivity. Therefore, it is expected each participant should apply for suitable trainings for their expertise area.
IBA trainings proceed with a lot of examples and practice sessions on a training database. Thus, the participants have a chance to experience the information they received at the same time.
IBA trainings offer both theoretical and practical sidew to the user. In order to ensure maximum efficiency, it is expected the participants participate in the training interactively.
IBA has a large competent trainer staff specialized in their field. IBA offers trainings in Turkish, English, German, and Korean to participants.

IBA's Place in Projects

IBA is one of the most important guides for companies meeting with canias4.0 technologies! As of the completion of the signature process of the project, the customer company prepares the staff for the canias4.0 project. IBA trainings are planned after the signature meeting between IAS and the customer company, and with the identification of key users for the project. The trainings start before the business analysis, thus, both stakeholders start to speak the same language about canias4.0 technologies.

Learning the features of canias4.0 technologies before starting the project plays a significant role in the maximum efficiency during the project for the customer staff. In addition to that end-users get end-user training specific to their processes during the implementation. IBA supports all stakeholders at every step of the project with the offered trainings.

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Our instructor had full knowledge of the modules and the practise notes he shared with us were very helpful. Thank you very much.
Clear and precise answers were given to our questions during the training. Special thanks to your training team.
The instructor's effort to convey the subject, his dominance and keeping our attention always open was very successful.