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Gain Expertise with IAS Business Academy

IAS Business Academy together with its 'Continuous Improvement' mission, and trainers having proven their knowledge, experience, and expertise in their fields provides caniasERP module trainings to everyone and anyone who manages and plans to manage business processes with caniasERP, aims a career in corporate resource planning, interests in areas such as digital transformation, industry 4.0, big data, business intelligence, and wants to improve themselves in these areas.

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What we aim?

Aiming to develop the competencies of individuals in line with personal and corporate needs, IAS Business Academy trainings contribute to effective use of caniasERP modules, increase the efficiency of ERP software usage, the benefits of software, and turn these into operational efficiency and business excellence.

How we do?

We provide a hands-on training experience to all of our participants by our both face-to-face and online trainings. We convey both our theoretical knowledge and our experience in business processes. In our practice sessions, we enable our participants to receive an interactive training by transforming theoretical knowledge into practice.

Training Types

We answer all of your needs with our trainings.


It appeals to our participants who have just met with canias4.0 technologies or who want to deepen their knowledge.


It appeals to our participants who are experienced in canias4.0 technologies and who carry out processes such as installation and adaptation of our solutions.

Sectoral Solutions

It appeals to our participants who want to specialize in how canias4.0 technologies are used in various sectors and processes developed specifically for sectors.

Soft Skills

It includes the trainings designed for our participants who want to improve their basic skills that might be needed for everyone in business life.

Training Methodology

Business processes and their relation between software might seem complicated but with the experienced trainer staff and proven training approach, IAS Business Academy provides the best training experience for all the solutions of canias4.0 technologies.

Online & Face-to-Face

canias4.0 technologies trainings are conducted both online and face-to-face environment.

Theoretical and Applied

During the training; after theoretical explanation, examples are shown by applying then given the opportunity to the participants to practice with similar examples.


After the training, each participant receives an exam including multiple-choice and concept questions. The participants who meet the necessary conditions are awarded to a certificate. In addition to exams, each participant fills out a form to share their feedback to help us improve our services.


During the trainings, it is aimed to make the information flow easier and permanent by using various materials in hardcopy and/or digital form. Relevant documents can be obtained through the portal.

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