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Material Requirements Planning - Expert Training


caniasERP Material Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module makes material-based planning for all needs that will arise based on the request documents opened during the procurement process.
Thus, procurement documents are created at the plan stage, which will ideally meet all needs. These documents can be easily converted into finalized documents thanks to the easy integration provided with the system in general. In addition, tracking of all procurement documents opened for each request document included in the supply chain is easily provided and reported with the help of this module. Therefore, this module is located at the very center of the logistics chain within an organization.

Each industry has its own variables in supply chain management and these variables can be significant for the planning strategy. caniasERP ensures that the optimal planning method is easily identified and implemented with the numerous parameters of the Material Requirements Planning module. Additionally, the flexible structure of the module, allows simulations for possible scenarios using multiple planning strategies for a material.

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