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caniasERP Demand Forecasting (DMF) module offers different statistical prediction models in order to plan future needs change, making it an important point in the logistics chan within organizations.

With this module, a demand forecast can be created based on a company's sales figures. This forecast helps decision makers better anticipate future developments and needs and follow a roadmap accordingly. In addition to simple methods such as arithmetic averages, advanced statistical methods such as linear regression analysis and seasonal indexing can also be used in the system to determine the demand forecasting quantities. In addition, with the help of this module, the algorithms that detect and correct the errors in the data set that are the source of demand estimation allow users to predict the future in the most realistic way.

Every organization would want to predict the future in order to take the necessary measures against changing market conditions in a timely manner. Based on this need, it is possible to make plans based on future predictions with the Demand Forecasting module. It is very easy to determine the most suitable forecasting model by evaluating the historical data, make predictions of future sales data using various forecasting models, make rough capacity planning based on these predictions and take the necessary action for the organization on time.

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