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WMS - Warehouse Management Expert Training
150.00 + VAT
Duration 1 Day(s) / 7.0 Hour(s)

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Warehouse Management (WMS) module saves companies time by automatically managing warehouse movements. With this module, which helps the user to process all material movements, companies can see an overview of all warehouse locations and warehouse locations. This makes it possible to automatically calculate the ideal source location and the most suitable target location. In case of irregular (chaotic) storage, regular structures can be created with system components; Company-specific requirements can be taken into consideration, and the time is saved when the goods enter the warehouse / withdraw from the warehouse. The integration of the module with the other modules in the system enables more efficient logistics workflows.


Preparation before the training: Having already installed caniasERP through EDU JNLP link shared on the participation form

Level of Knowledge:

- Having already participated INT - caniasERP Introduction

- Having already participated BAS - Basic Data Management

- Having already participated INV - Inventory Management


At the end of Warehouse Management - Expert Training, the participants will be able to;

- view and manage the warehouse records on the system,

- create and manage collection and placement orders over the system,

- create records for delivery note, purchase order receipt, inventory adjustmnet on mobile devices.


WMS.201.E - WMS - Warehouse Management Expert Training

1 - Warehouse Management Flow Diagram

2 - Placement Orders

2.1 - Create placement order from WMST01

2.2 - Create automatic placement order from any receipt

2.3 - Sort condition usage in placement orders

2.4 - Placement Order Process

2.5 - 'Place directly' option for placement orders

A - Workshop

3 - Picking Orders

3.1 - Picking Orders

3.2 - Create picking order automatically from sales (SALT01)

3.3 - Create picking order automatically from production (PRDT01)

3.4 - Create picking order from Transfer Orders (TRO)

3.5 - The effect of Increase/decrease quantity & delete order from sales (SALT01) to picking orders

3.6 - The effect of Increase/decrease quantity & delete production order from PRDT01 to picking orders

3.7 - Create picking order by using soon sales orders and production plans

3.8 - Sort condition usage in picking order

3.9 - Picking Order Process

3.10 - Blocked warehouse and stockplace for placement & picking orders

3.11 - Create sales document from picking order

B - Workshop

4 - Mobile Applications

4.1 - Mobile Stock Adjustment

4.2 - Mobile Stock Transfer Movement

4.3 - Mobile Purchase Order Receipt Movement

4.4 - Mobile Manual Receipt & Issue Movement

4.5 - Mobile Stock Report

C - Workshop

5 - Operations of Assigning Orders

5.1 - Assigning orders to workers

5.2 - Transfer by using Warehouse optimization

6 - Reports

6.1 - Materials without placement orders

6.2 - Picking & placement order report

6.3 - Orders without Pick Order Report

D - Workshop

E - Evaluation & Exam