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PRC - Costing Management Expert Training
450.00 + VAT
Duration 3 Day(s) / 21.0 Hour(s)

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Costing Management  - Expert Training is aimed to enable the participants to learn;

- About the processes related to the Costing Management transaction and their corresponding available operations in the system.

- The logical process flow of the Costing Management transaction and its integrations with other transactions of CaniasERP.


- Costing Specialists

- ERP Project Managers / Project Officers

- Owners and Partners

- Responsibles of production, purchasing and sales units of companies


Pre-Training Preparation: Not expected

Level of Knowledge:

- Basic knowledge of production, Sales, Purchasing and Inventory Management processes.

Required Materials: Notebook


- Inventory Pricing

- Production Plan creation, editing, scheduling operations

- Production Order Costing


At the end of "Costing Management - Expert Training", the participants will be able to manage;

- Cost Reports

The module provides users with a wide range of reporting options. Some of these reports are used to check the accuracy, consistency of data from other modules and to calculate production costs accurately.

- Cost Calculation

All amounts calculated taking into consideration the cost elements on the basis of production orders are reflected in the inventory movements of the production orders to which they belong, and the costs of products that differ in the production process during the period can be calculated in a realistic manner.

- Cost accounting

In the Production Cost Management module, the results are automatically transferred to accounting.

- Multiple Accounting Standard

Production Cost Management module can calculate for different accounting standards such as VUK, IFRS, USGAAP, TFRS.

- Real Time Cost

With the real-time cost calculation feature in the module, the costs of inventory movements of raw materials, semi-finished products or products are calculated instantly and calculated amounts are calculated over standard or walking weighted average cost. Thus, costs can be reported instantly.

- Cost Deviation Analysis

Sales dispatch price, sales invoice price, standard cost, actual cost and distribution scheme and additional costs distributed to sales items can be reported. As a result of this process, profit and loss analysis can be done by reporting the deviation rate.


- PRC - Costing Management Expert Training is held in a training room. However, training can also be provided via teleconference for the offices in other cities.

- After the theoretical sessions, dummy records are used to practice by the participants.

- Participants are allowed to create their own dummy records for practice purposes.

- Training index and content are shared as printed and/or digitally with the participants to provide a lasting learning experience.


PRC.201.E - PRC - Costing Management Expert Training

1 - Actual Costing Definition and Flow Diagram

2 - Inventory Pricing

2.1 - Before & After Pricing Control

2.2 - Pricing - Manual Price

2.3 - INVT10 Pricing Process

2.4 - Pricing Messages

2.5 - Make and reset accounting

2.6 - Multiaccounting usage in INVT11

2.7 - Inventory Movements List

2.8 - Stock Report (Valued)

A - Workshop

3 - Cost Distribution

3.1 - Check Tables and Cost Distrubution Schema

3.2 - Cost distribution

3.3 - General cost distribution

3.4 - Idle Expense calculation and financing

3.5 - Production costing reports - Activity Cost Analysis

3.6 - Production costing reports - Subcontract Cost Analysis

3.7 - Production costing reports - Distributed vs. Actualized Activity Cost Comparison

3.8 - Production costing reports - Production Order Balance Control

3.9 - Production costing reports - Production Order Cost Elements

3.10 - Production costing reports - Carryover Cost Report

3.11 - Production costing reports - Product and Scrap Cost Analysis

3.12 - Production Order Financing

B - Workshop

4 - Production Order Costing

4.1 - Control Before Production Order Costing

4.2 - Creating production order costing table

4.3 - Sorting production orders

4.4 - Production Order Costing

C - Workshop

5 - Real Time Costing

D - Workshop

E - Evaluation & Exam