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GDP - General Data Protection Expert Training
75.00 + VAT
Duration 0.5 Day(s) / 3.5 Hour(s)

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caniasERP General Data Protection (GDP) module enables the necessary actions to be taken to ensure the privacy and protection of personal data and to prevent unauthorized use. In the module, there is an analysis report transaction for data analysis along with the management of general data protection operations.


Preparation before the training: Having already installed caniasERP through EDU JNLP link shared on the participation form

Level of Knowledge:

- Having already participated INT - caniasERP Introduction

- Having already participated BAS - Basic Data Management


In the end of the General Data Protection Expert Training participants will be able to;

- use GDPR/KVKK concepts to mask data in the processes,

- get the reports based on GDPR compliance from the system, 

- manage all the processes related to General Data Protection with caniasERP system.


GDP.201.E - GDP - General Data Protection Expert Training

1 - GDP - General Data Protection Expert Training

2 - General Data Protection Process

2.1 - Check Table Definitions (IASBAS095 - GDPR Configuration)

2.2 - Relation of System Domain and GDPR Concept - DEVT10

2.3 - Usage of GDPR Management Dashboard

2.4 - GDPR Analysis Report

2.5 - Relations of CRM Action and GDPR

2.6 - Usage of GDPR Extension

A - Workshop

B - Evaluation and Exam