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CAP - Capacity Planning Expert Training
300.00 + VAT
Duration 2 Day(s) / 14.0 Hour(s)

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Capacity Planning - Expert Training is aimed to enable the participants to learn;

- The flow logic of the Advanced Scheduling and Optimization processes and integration points with other applications on the ERP system.

- The available resources in the system for setup optimization, various types of scheduling and the corresponding capacity report generation.


- Production Planning Officers / Experts

- ERP Project Managers / Project Officers


Pre-Training Preparation: Participants are expected to go through the training content in SYST35 or Portal.

Level of Knowledge:

- Prior participation in BOM and ROU End User Level Trainings is highly desirable.

- Knowledge of the content of PRD End User Level Training.

Required Materials: Notebook


- Performing the basic planning operations

- Creating a Business Schedule with Manual Scheduling

- Ability to efficiently evaluate the plans resulting from scheduling


At the end of CAP - Capacity Planning Expert Training, the participants will be able to;

- manage Business Centers and Calendars,

- manage capacity groups,

- use advanced scheduling algorithms,

- plan operations and resources effectively,

- perfom manual scheduling,

- prepare optimization,

- perform delay analysis,

- create Load Distribution Report for Responsible and Resources.


- CAP - Capacity Planning Expert Training is held in a training room. However, training can also be provided via teleconference for the offices in other cities.

- After the theoretical sessions, dummy records are used to practice by the participants.

- Participants are allowed to create their own dummy records for practice purposes.

- Training index and content are shared as printed and/or digitally with the participants to provide a lasting learning experience.


CAP.201.E - CAP - Capacity Planning Expert Training

1 - General Capacity Planning

1.1 - Capacity Management

2 - Advanced Scheduling

2.1 - Advanced Scheduling and Optimization

2.2 - Check dispatch scheduling

2.3 - Check cap groups for scheduling

2.4 - Check infinite capacity workcenters

2.5 - Check discontinuous workcenters scheduling

2.6 - Check resource scheduling

2.7 - Check the other algorithms with algorithm parameters

2.8 - Check started operations scheduling

2.9 - Check manually assigned operations scheduling

2.10 - Reporting of Capacity Run Results Based on Workcenter

3 - Setup optimization

3.1 - Check setup optimization

A - Workshop

4 - Rough-Cut Capacity

4.1 - Rough-Cut Capacity Planning

5 - Manual Scheduling

5.1 - Manual Scheduling and Optimization

5.2 - Check manual scheduling

5.3 - Check drag and drop

5.4 - Check operation update and workcenter change

6 - Capacity Reports

6.1 - Planned vs Actual Comparison Report

6.2 - Workcenter Load Report

6.3 - Production Order Load Report

6.4 - Resource Usage Report

6.5 - Responsible Load Report

B - Workshop

C - Exam