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CAL - Standard Costing End User Training
150.00 + VAT
Duration 1 Day(s) / 7.0 Hour(s)

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Standard Costing - End User Training is aimed to enable the participants to learn;

- To manage processes such as Product Costing, Overhead Costs, etc. with CaniasERP,

- To fully understand the logical flow of the processes related to Standard Cost information and integration points with other transactions,

- To easily maintain routine Product Costing processes.


- Production Planning Officers / Experts,

- Production costing controller,

- ERP Project Managers / Project Officers.


Pre-Training Preparation: Participants are expected to go through the related training content available on the web portal or the system..

Level of Knowledge:

- Proficiency in Material Master, Bill of Materials and Route transaction.

Required Materials: Notebook


- Managing cost transactions through CaniasERP system,

- Receiving “Costing” and “General Manufacturing Expenses from reports over the system,

- Preparation of Standard Cost data on the system according to BOM and Route information.


At the end of the Standard Cost training, participants will be able to;

- Track the system records such as General Manufacturing/Production costs and corresponding Cost Chart,

- Design Cost Report and generate report as per the defined configuration,

- Make the necessary update procedures for the changes made in the material card price information for Product Costing,

- Define Schema Variables and make product costing specific to the desired scheme,

- View percentage based distribution of the items that make up this cost when calculating the planned cost of a product or semi-finished product,

- Perform Batch costing, batch material operations, and batch material update operations,

- Compare the costs of multiple products,

- Receive material cost reports by using Material Cost information,

- Monitor Standard Cost Results with Designed Cost Report Definition.


- CAL - Standard Costing End User Training is held in a training room. However, training can also be provided via teleconference for the offices in other cities.

- After the theoretical sessions, dummy records are used for practice by the participants.

- Participants are allowed to create their own dummy records for practise purposes.

- Training index and content are shared as printed and/or digitally with the participants to provide a lasting learning experience.


CAL.101.E - CAL - Standard Costing End User Training

1 - General Standart Cost Calculation Management

1.1 - Calculation Management

2 - Standard Cost Run and Examination on Process

2.1 - Create New Single - Level Standard Cost Calculation

2.2 - Create New Multi - Level Standard Calculation

2.3 - Cost Proportion Process

2.4 - Material Updates

3 - Batch Standard Cost Calculation Management Processes

3.1 - Batch Material Updates

3.2 - Batch Calculation

3.1 - Batch Calculation Paramaters and Batch Running

3.2 - Batch Logs are correct or not.

A - Workshop

4 - Standart Maliyet Raporlama Süreçleri

4.1 - Create New Cost Comparison

4.2 - Search Material Cost Calculation

4.3 - Create New Costing Sight Definition

B - Workshop

C - Evaluation & Exam