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BOM - Bill of Materials Expert Training
150.00 + VAT
Duration 1 Day(s) / 7.0 Hour(s)

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Bill of Materials - Expert Training is aimed to enable the participants to learn;

- To manage the Bill of Material Management process with all available corresponding operations like create, view, change, etc for various types of BOMs available in CaniasERP,

- Various available ways to transfer variants and the associated processes for the same,

- Routine product trees and variant management operations within the company can be easily maintained on CaniasERP.


After the installation of the CaniasERP system, the people who will operate on the CaniasERP system;

- Production Planning Officers / Experts

- ERP Project Managers / Project Officers


Pre-Training Preparation: Not required

Level of Knowledge:

- Basic knowledge of Material Master

- Basic knowledge of standard operations available in CaniasERP

Required Materials: Notebook


- Managing BOMs through CaniasERP system

- Generating the required BOM reports from the system


At the end of Bill of Material - Expert Training, the participants will be able to;

- Follow product tree records on the system,

- Apply component changes,

- Manage warehouses and stocks,

- Calculate scrap and rework rates,

- Make contract and by-product integration,

- Make reservation and variant concepts,

- Make quantity conversions for each component,

- Make the warehouse output types of products and materials suitable,

- Create and view the material network.


- BOM - Bill of Materials Expert Training is held in a training room. However, training can also be provided via teleconference for the offices in other cities.

- After the theoretical sessions, dummy records are used for practice by the participants.

- Participants are allowed to create their own dummy records for practise purposes.

- Training index and content are shared as printed and/or digitally with the participants to provide a lasting learning experience.


BOM.201.E - BOM - Bill of Materials Expert Training

1 - BOM Management

1.1 - BOM Management

2 - BOM General Management Processes

2.1 - Creating a New Bill of Material (Standart)

2.2 - Creating a New Bill of Material (Alternative)

2.3 - Creating a New Bill of Material (Variant)

2.4 - Creating a New Bill of Material (Similar)

2.5 - Creating a New Bill of Material (Demontage)

2.6 - Searching a Bill of Material

2.7 - Showing a Bill of Material

2.8 - Updating a Bill of Material

2.9 - Printing a Bill of Material

2.10 - Deleting a Bill of Material

2.11 - Adding Multi Materials

A - Workshop

3 - Variant Transfer Methods

3.1 - Variant Transfer: From product variant option to component variant option

3.2 - Variant Transfer: Matching

3.3 - Variant Transfer: Fixing for a Component

4 - BOM Batch Management Processes

4.1 - Changing Material

4.2 - Search Adding/Removing Item to/from BOM

4.3 - Add Component

4.4 - Remove Component

5 - Production Template Management Process

5.1 - Production Template

6 - BOM Reporting Processes

6.1 - Search Material Usage Report

6.2 - Print Material Usage Report

6.3 - Search Bill of Material Level List

B - Workshop

C - Exam