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ROU - Route Management Implementation Training
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Duration 1 Day(s) / 7.0 Hour(s)

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​​​​​​​The steps required to complete production, assembly or disassembly activities and the resources required in these steps are defined on the system with the caniasERP Routing Management (ROU) module. 
This module handles the information on which operations to perform in which order and which tools and work centers to use in addition to which materials will be used in which operation.

The work centers where the operations within the scope of the Routing Management module are carried out, the machine and personnel capacities in these work centers, the cost/cost types of the machines and the personnel are extremely important in terms of capacity planning and production costs. Working hours and the capacity of work centers directly affect the scheduling and cost of production orders. In this module, the factory calendar and work schedule can be used for all work centers, and each work center can be customized.


Pre-Training Preparation: Project steps are needed to be examined on ANALYZE application. 

Level of Knowledge:

- BAS - Basic Transaction Training

- BOM - Bill of Material Training.


At the end of "Route Management Implementation Training", the participants will be able to manage;

- Analyze needs of the business prior to implementation.

- With the advanced concept and sectoral knowledge acquired, a road map can be determined in line with the needs of the business and a standard installation can be done by making the necessary setups.