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QLT - Quality Control Management Implementation Training
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Duration 1 Day(s) / 7.0 Hour(s)

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QLT - Quality Control Management - implementation training includes how to analyze the Quality Control process for the quality control needs of different enterprises, the project steps to be followed and the work and controls to be done in these steps, before the installation of the caniasERP system.


Pre-Training Preparation: Project steps on ANALYZE transaction should be examined as a preliminary study.

Knowledge Level:

- Participating in QLT - Quality Control Management Training and got a valid grade in the applied exam.

- Participating in PRD - Production Planning and Control Training,

- Participating in PUR - Purchasing Management Training,

- Participating in INV - Inventory Management Training will enable the participant to understand the integration points better.



At the end of the QLT Module implementation training, the participants can;

- analyze in a standard way to determine the needs of the enterprise before implementation.

- determine the road map in line with the needs of the enterprise, making the necessary setups and making a standard installation with the advanced concept and sectoral knowledge acquired.