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PRJ-Project Management Implementation Training
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Duration 1 Day(s) / 7.0 Hour(s)

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The Project Management (PRJ) module enables planning and management of projects effectively and analysis of details of important project-specific factors.
Developed by taking the International Project Management Methods into account, this module takes the principles of PMBOK - Project Management Guidance Guide into consideration, which PMI - Project Management Institute uses as a worldwide standard. With the help of the Gantt chart showing automatic status notifications and detailed project structure, a fast and reliable control can be performed for the projects; project information can be managed in all details. Project Management module is fully integrated into the system; thus, it is possible to use the data in two ways.


Pre-Training Preparation: Project steps are needed to be examined on ANALYZE application. 

Level of Knowledge:

- Basic Project Management knowledge

- PRD – Participation in Production Planning and Control Training

- BOM - Participation in Bill of Materials ManagementTraining

- ROU - Participation in Routing Management Training

- CAL - Participation in Standard Costing Calculation Training

- PRC - Costing Management Training, would benefit the attandee to understand integrations with ease.

- CAP - Capacity Planning Training, would benefit the attandee to understand integrations with ease.


At the end of the Project Management - Implementation Training, the participants will be able to;

- The participants will be able to determine the needs of the company before implementation,

- A Standard configuration can be performed by realizing needed editings by specifying the course of action in accordance with the company's needs through the advanced level concept and sectorail information.