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OPM - Opportunity Management Expert Training
75.00 + VAT
Duration 0.5 Day(s) / 3.5 Hour(s)

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caniasERP Opportunity Management (OPM) module is used to track and report opportunities for customer acquisition through the system. Thanks to this module, sales opportunities that may arise and all steps to be taken to realize these opportunities can be systematically managed. With the caniasERP Opportunity Management module, the opportunities tracked can be reported in various ways and analyzed using different analysis methods. In addition, thanks to this module, the anticipated return of the offer to be presented to the customer can be monitored when success is achieved as a result of the closing of the opportunity.


Preparation before the training: Having already installed caniasERP through EDU JNLP link shared on the participation form

Level of Knowledge:

- Having already participated INT - caniasERP Introduction

- Having already participated BAS - Basic Data Management

- Having already participated CRM - Customer Relationship Management


In the end of the OPM-Opportunity Management Expert Training participants will be able to;

- manage Opportunity Management processes

- manage material-competitor relations.

- use relevant reports.


OPM.201.E - OPM - Opportunity Management Expert Training

1 - OPM - Opportunity Management Expert Training

2 - Opportunity Management

2.1 - Opportunity Management

2.2 - Creating Opportunity

2.3 - Showing Opportunity

2.4 - Deleting Opportunity

2.5 - Listing Opportunity

2.6 - Editing Opportunity

A - Workshop

3 - Opportunity Management Additional Proccesses

3.1 - Sending E-Mails

3.2 - Create or Relate an Offer

3.3 - Opportunities with Bidding Type

3.4 - Competitors Defining on Opportunities & Creating Relation From Material to Competitor

4 - Opportunity Management Reports

4.1 - Opportunities Multi Report

B - Workshop

C - Evaluation and Exam