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OLP - Data Warehouse Management Expert Training
75.00 + VAT
Duration 0.5 Day(s) / 3.5 Hour(s)

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caniasERP Online Analytic Processing and Business Intelligence (IQ) module ensures that data necessary for decisions to be taken company-wide are accessed, are quickly analyzed, evaluated multidimensionally and prepared visually.

Business Intelligence module is a homogeneous structure that is fully integrated into the system. Without the need for a third-party ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) tool, ERP data is passed through the ETL process and transferred to the OLAP tables in the Data Warehouse Management module. Thus, data can be analyzed in a centralized manner and collected independently from the resources.


Pre-Training Preparation: The installation has been made with the EDU jnlp link shared on the participation form.

Level of Knowledge: 

- Prior participation in BAS - Basic Transaction End User Training is highly desirable,

- Should be able to perform basic operations in caniasERP system,

- Having basic Business Intelligence competency.




At the end of OLP - Data Warehouse Management - Expert Training, the participants will be able to; 

- Create data tables to be used for Business Intelligence and perform ETL operations,

- Create a data model using the generated OLAP tables,

- Create Business Intelligence Reports using OLAP Cubes created with OLAP tables,

- Create Dashboard designs and data analysis with QlikSense,

- Integrate QlikSense dashboards into the system,

- Check for authorizations by pairing QlikSense users with caniasERP system users.


OLP.201.E - OLP - Data Warehouse Management Expert Training

1 - OLP Module General Description

1.1 - Business Intelligence Concept

2 - OLP Check Tables

2.1 - Defining DB Connection Settings

2.2 - Defining User Database Rights

2.3 - Defining Qlik Reports

2.4 - Adding Parameters to Qlik Reports

2.5 - OLP Module - Defining Qlik Users

3 - OLP Tables (OLPT01)

3.1 - Creating OLP Table

3.2 - Updating OLP Tables

3.3 - Deleting OLP Tables

3.4 - Creating Defined OLP Tables and Indexes On Target DB

3.5 - Creating defined OLP tables and indexes on system DB

3.6 - Transferring selected data to created table on current DB (E-T-L)

3.7 - Transferring selected data to created table on target DB (E-T-L)

3.8 - Displaying and updating OLP data

3.9 - Exporting OLP table definitions

3.10 - Importing OLP table definitions

A - Workshop

4 - Qlik Sense

4.1 - Qlik Sense Expert Training

5 - Canias IQ Reports

5.1 - Viewing Canias IQ reports

5.2 - CaniasIQ Qlik Sense Integration

6 - OLP Cocpit (OLPT07)

6.1 - OLP Cockpit

B - Evaluation & Exam