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MRP - Material Requirements Planning Expert Training
450.00 + VAT
Duration 3 Day(s) / 21.0 Hour(s)

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caniasERP Material Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module makes material-based planning for all needs that will arise based on the request documents opened during the procurement process.
Thus, procurement documents are created at the plan stage, which will ideally meet all needs. These documents can be easily converted into finalized documents thanks to the easy integration provided with the system in general. In addition, tracking of all procurement documents opened for each request document included in the supply chain is easily provided and reported with the help of this module. Therefore, this module is located at the very center of the logistics chain within an organization.

Each industry has its own variables in supply chain management and these variables can be significant for the planning strategy. caniasERP ensures that the optimal planning method is easily identified and implemented with the numerous parameters of the Material Requirements Planning module. Additionally, the flexible structure of the module, allows simulations for possible scenarios using multiple planning strategies for a material.


Before the training:

- Downloading EDU JNLP link on the participation form sent before the training

- Participating in PRD - Production Planning and Control Training,

- Participating in SAL - Sales Management Training,

- Participating in PUR - Purchase Management Training,

- Participating in INV - Inventory Management Training will enable the participant to understand the integration points better.


At the end of the MRP Module training, the participants;

- Could manage the material requirement planning in the caniasERP system.

- Could create a material requirement plan by running MRP with different concept methods.

- Could check the MRP result and analyze through reports.


MRP.201.E - MRP - Material Requirements Planning Expert Training

1 - MRP Definition and Flow Diagram

1.1 - Material Resource Planning Management

2 - MRP Material Master Card Relations

2.1 - Material Master & MRP entegration

3 - Independent Requisition Documents

3.1 - Creating New Independent Requisitions

3.2 - Updating Existing Independent Requisitions

3.3 - Deleting Existing Independent Document

A - Workshop

4 - Plan Order

4.1 - Creating New Plan Order

4.2 - Updating Existing Plan Order

4.3 - Actualizing & Scheduling (Backward, Forward) Plan Orders

5 - MRP Run

5.1 - Runnig Multithread MRP

5.2 - MRP Run Single Material

5.3 - MRP Run Multiple

5.4 - Running MRP From Batch File

5.5 - Listing & Managing Net Change Entries

B - Workshop

6 - Control and Reporting Process of MRP Results

6.1 - Checking Stock & Requirement Analysis

6.2 - Analysing MRP Results & MRP Run Logs

6.3 - Analysing Source Based Supply & Demand Documents

6.4 - Analysing Supply & Demand Documents

6.5 - Analysing Batch MRP Result Reports

C - Workshop

7 - Basic Variables Affecting MRP Process

7.1 - Running MRP With Different Process Type

7.2 - Running MRP With Considering Reservation

7.3 - Running MRP With Different Lot Sizing Methods

7.4 - Running MRP With Different Lot Optimization Methods

7.5 - Running MRP With Different Scheduling Type

7.6 - Running MRP With Reorder Level Concept

7.7 - Running MRP With Safety Stock Level

7.8 - Running MRP With Supply Group Types

7.9 - Running MRP With Considering Scrap Quantity

7.10 - Running MRP With Special Order Concept

7.11 - Running MRP With Different Special Procurement Keys

7.12 - Running MRP With Merge Plan Concept

7.13 - Running MRP With Alternative Material Usage Concept

7.14 - Running MRP With Warehouse Restriction

7.15 - Updating Supply & Demand Matching

8 - Converting Plan / Requsition

8.1 - Converting Plan to Requsition / Requsition to Plan

9 - MRP Cockpit

9.1 - MRP Cockpit

D - Evaluation & Exam