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KMS - Knowledge Management System Expert Training
150.00 + VAT
Duration 1 Day(s) / 7.0 Hour(s)

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With the caniasERP Knowledge Management (KMS) module, the data in the whole system can be organized and then transferred to the knowledge management data warehouse.

Access to these stored data is also provided through the inter-module access. This encourages the sharing of information and feedback from users, such as experience, by providing interfaces suitable to the habits of Internet users and allows for a more collective system.



- Examination of SYST35 documents related to Knowledge Management System.

- To have advanced knowledge of caniasERP Standard transactions



At the end of KMS - Knowledge Management System Expert Training, the participants will be able to;

- Transfer Knowledge Management Data in the Data Warehouse,

- Access and use the required data along with the source data information easily by searching in the data warehouse,

- Collect data categorized with catalogues under a specific title using the Information Encyclopedia.


KMS.201.E - KMS - Knowledge Management System Expert Training

1 - KMS General Information

1.1 - Knowledge Management System

2 - Data Warehouse Management

2.1 - Load data warehouse

3 - Search

3.1 - Search

4 - Encyclopedia Management

4.1 - Encyclopedia View & Formatting

A - Workshop

5 - Reporting Statistics

5.1 - Reporting Statistics

6 - Moderation System

6.1 - Moderation

B - Workshop

C - Evaluation & Exam