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INC - Inventory Cost Management Implementation Training
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Duration 1 Day(s) / 7.0 Hour(s)

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caniasERP Inventory Cost Management (INC) module is used to calculate the costs of inventory movements. In this module, keeping transactions such as purchasing, external operations, sales and transfer are provided by the inventory cost management module (INC) of inventory transactions. Cost values are transferred to the accounting with the integration of the Financial Acoounting module in addition to providing data to the internal reports. The successful integration feature also allows the cost results to be calculated practically at period closings.


Preparation before the training: Having already gone over the project steps in ANALYZE transaction.

Level of Knowledge:

- Having already participated INC - Inventory Cost Management training and successfully passed the exam


In the end of INC - Inventory Cost Management Implementation Training participants will be able to;

- analyze the needs of a company based on the standarts before the implementation.

- can determine the roadmap in line with the needs of the business and make a standard implementation by making the necessary setups with the advanced concept and sectoral knowledge acquired.