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IMP - Import Management Expert Training
75.00 + VAT
Duration 0.5 Day(s) / 3.5 Hour(s)

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With caniasERP Import Management (IMP) module, operational and document-based tracking of all import transactions can be done. This module is especially important for the companies that carry out foreign trade transactions within their own. With the Import Management module, which is integrated into all purchase and invoice verification processes on the system, companies can: manage import declarations, track Harmonized Code, calculate FOB according the way of delivery of imports, total overseas cost in customs procedures, customs tax, customs duty and VAT in advance. The foreign exchange closing of the import documents can also be done with this module. In addition, companies can easily manage import payment transactions and easily transfer these payments to the Financial Accounting module for accounting transactions through this module.


Pre-Training Preparation:

- Installation and control of the Java in the system, installation of caniasERP EDU server.

Knowledge Level:

- Participating in PUR - Purchase Management Training.

- Participating in VER - Invoice Verification Expert Training.

- Participating in SHM - Shiping Management Training.


At the end of IMP - Export Management Expert Training, the participants will;

- Gain expert proficiency in functioning of import processes in the caniasERP system.

- Use the advanced functions and available operations of the import management transaction.


- IMP - Import Management Expert Training is held in a training room. However, training is provided via teleconference for the offices in other cities.

- After the theoretical sessions, dummy records are used for practice by the participants.

- Participants are allowed to create their own dummy records for practice purposes.

- Training index and content are shared as printed and/or digitally with the participants to provide a lasting learning experience.


IMP.201.E - IMP - Import Management Expert Training

1 - Import Overview

1.1 - Import Management

2 - Import Document Processes

2.1 - Creating Import Doc From Normal Order

2.2 - Creating Import Doc From Order with Shipment

2.3 - Delete Import

2.4 - Edit Import

2.5 - Listing Import

3 - Import Document and Purchase Invoice Relationship

3.1 - Related and Not related Invoices

A - Workshop

4 - FOB

4.1 - Calculation of FOB over Formula

5 - Predicted Custom Total

5.1 - Calculation of Predicted Custom Total

6 - Import Payments

6.1 - Relating Payments

6.1 - Creating Import Payments

6.2 - Delete Import Payments

6.3 - Edit Import Payments

6.4 - Listing Import Payments

7 - Close of Exchange Tracking

7.1 - Close of Exchange Report

B - Workshop

C - Evaluation & Exam