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ERM - Enterprise Risk Management Expert Training
150.00 + VAT
Duration 1 Day(s) / 7.0 Hour(s)

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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) module enables a systematic and detailed process to identify critical risks, measure potential impacts, and implement integrated risk management practices to maximize companies' economic values. The institutional risk management process, which is carried out in order to determine, measure and minimize the risk factors that may adversely affect the workability of an institution or an organization and the profitability of commercial establishments, can be managed in an effective way through this module, which is designed in accordance with international risk management standards

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) module has been created in compliance with international standards.


Preparation before the training: Having already installed caniasERP through EDU JNLP link shared on the participation form

Level of Knowledge:

- Having already participated INT - caniasERP Introduction

- Having already participated BAS - Basic Data Management


In the end of the Enterprise Risk Management Expert Training participants will be able to;

- create and manage risks

- manage all the processes related to Enterprise Risk Management.


ERM.201.E - ERM - Enterprise Risk Management Expert Training

1 - Enterprise Risk Management Expert Training

2 - Risk Management

2.1 - Risk Check Table

2.2 - Risk Listing

2.3 - Adding Risk

2.4 - Deleting Risk

2.5 - Adding Action to Risk With Authority

3 - Risk Reporting

3.1 - Reporting Risk and Action

3.2 - Reporting Risk and Action With Graphic

4 - Risk Matrix

4.1 - Risk Matrix

5 - Check List

5.1 - Listing Check List

5.2 - Adding Check List

5.3 - Answering Check List With Authority

5.4 - Control to Check List

5.5 - Deleting Check List

A - Workshop

B - Exam