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CRR-Career Management Expert Training
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Duration 0.5 Day(s) / 3.5 Hour(s)

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caniasERP Career Management (CRR) module includes processes related to Career Plans, Development Cards, Performance Evaluation, Succession and Tracking of Talent Pools. With the module’s transactions, the requirement needs can be determined on the basis of position; multiple career plans can be created for the employees; the succession assignments based on position can be performed; the employees can be placed in talent pools according to their abilities.

With the 360-degree performance evaluation system, employees can be evaluated according to their goals and competencies, employee risks and status can be determined and this information can be used in the career plan.


- To have a basic level of Human Resources knowledge

- To have knowledge of career and performance evaluation processes


At the end of the CRR - Career Management Expert Training, the participants will be able to;

- Manage performance evaluation transactions.

- Manage career planning and talent management transactions.


CRR.201.E - CRR-Career Management Expert Training

1 - Performance Management

2 - Performance Evaluation Records

2.1 - Performance Evaluation Check Tables

2.1 - List Performance Evaluation Records

2.2 - Create and Evaluate the Performance

2.3 - Update Performance Record

2.4 - Create Aggregate Performance Evaluation Form

3 - Career Management

3.1 - List Career Management Definitions

3.2 - Update Career Management Definition

3.3 - Create Career Management Definition

3.4 - Delete Career Management Definition

4 - Career Plan

4.1 - List Career Plan

4.2 - Update Career Plan

4.3 - Create Career Plan

5 - Self Service Transactions

5.1 - Worker SS - Performance Results

5.2 - Manager SS - Performance Results and Target Entry

5.1 - Performance Evaluation

6 - Profile Based Transactions

6.1 - Performance Management Console

A - Workshop

B - Evaluation & Exam