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CAP-Capacity Planning Implementation Training
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Duration 1 Day(s) / 7.0 Hour(s)

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caniasERP – Capacity Management (CAP) module ensures that production orders within a certain period are given a deadline according to (based on) the resource constraints in production and are scheduled according to generally accepted methods. 
This module can be operated with different criterias depending on production order type and work center. Multiple planning results can be stored on the module and these results can be compared with previous plans. The performance of different strategies used in capacity planning can be compared through this feature.

There are multiple Scheduling Algorithms options supported by the Capacity Management module. Scheduling can be done by developing the most suitable algorithm for the needs of the enterprises. The extent to which scheduling, and optimization will be detailed is entirely left at the user's initiative. Different types of planning methods can be developed for different plants in the enterprise.


Pre-training Preparation: Analysing the project steps in the ANALYZE application as a prestudy.

Knowledge Level:

- CAP – Participation in Capacity Planning Training and having a valid score.

- PRD - Participation in Production Planning and Control Training,

- BOM - Participation in Bill of Materials ManagementTraining,

- ROU - Participation in Routing Management Training

- MRP - Participation in Material Requirement Planning Training will help the participant to understand the integration points better.


At the end of CAP - Capacity Planning Implementation Training, the participants will be able to;

- Analyse normatively the facility’s needs before implementation.

- Make a standard set-up by determining the roadmap in accordance with the acquired advanced concept, sectoral knowledge and facilitiy’s needs,