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CAL - Standard Costing Calculation Expert Training
300.00 + VAT
Duration 2 Day(s) / 14.0 Hour(s)

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With this module, users can perform a comprehensive evaluation and analysis. Moreover, the module allows the users to list and analyze possible errors in the batch calculation. In addition, the results of the various calculations can be compared to each other by cross control on the module. By being successfully integrated with the rest of the modules in the system, the module guarantees the use of centrally managed data in each calculation.


Pre-training Preparation: Completing set-up by the shared EDU jnlp link in the participation form.

Knowledge Level:

- PRD – Participation in Production Planning and Control Training

- BOM - Participation in Bill of Materials ManagementTraining

- ROU - Participation in Routing Management Training

Necessary Materials: Notebook


At the end of Standard Cost Calculation - Expert Training, the participants will be able to;

- follow the records such as General Manufacturing Expenses ”and“ Cost Chart  on the system.

- design Cost Report and receive data according to this report,

- make the necessary update procedures for the changes made in the material card price information for Product Costing,

- create the desired schema-specific product costing,

- calculate the planned cost of a product or semi-finished product,

- observe the percentage based distribution of the items constituting this cost,

- perform batch costing and batch material operations, batch material update operations,

- mix the costs of multiple products,

- create material cost reports by using Material Cost information,

- track Standard Cost results with Designed Cost Report Definition.


CAL.201.E - CAL - Standard Costing Calculation Expert Training

1 - General Standart Costing Calculation

1.1 - Calculation Management

2 - Standard Costing Calculation Running and Examination Processes

2.1 - Quick Costing Installation

2.2 - Create New Single - Level Standard Cost Calculation

2.3 - Create New Multi - Level Standard Calculation

2.4 - Overhead Keys

2.5 - Schema Variables

2.6 - Cost Proportion Process

2.7 - Activity Unit Prices

2.8 - Material Updates

3 - Batch Standart Costing Calculation Management Processes

3.1 - Batch Calculation Paramaters and Batch Running

3.2 - Batch Material Updates

3.3 - Batch Calculation

3.4 - Batch Logs are correct or not.

3.5 - Batch Logs are correct or not.

A - Workshop

4 - Standard Costing Calculation Report Management Processes

4.1 - Create New Cost Comparison

4.2 - Search Material Cost Calculation

4.3 - Create New Costing Sight Definition

B - Workshop

C - Evaluation & Exam