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AUT - Automation Implementation Training
150.00 + VAT
Duration 1 Day(s) / 7.0 Hour(s)

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caniasERP Automation (AUT) module is designed to manage all manufacturing processes of a company and it is integrated with all modules of caniasERP. In order to manage the manufacturing business, having a management tool fully compatible with the system should be a priority for enterprises. 
This module works in full sync with other modules, especially the Production Management module, to process all important data related to the production stages and control the production lines.

Production systems are connected directly or via a Gateway to the caniasERP system so that an integrated operation is provided. In this way, work centers become an extension of the caniasERP system. There is no need for extra effort to transfer work details to work centers and to collect production data from work centers. When work centers are connected to the caniasERP system, the work details can be accessed directly. In the same way, any production data in the work center is reflected in the caniasERP system online and no delays occur.


Pre-Training Preparation: Project steps are needed to be examined on ANALYZE application. 

Level of Knowledge:

- BAS - Basic Transaction End User Training

- BOM - Bill Of Material Expert Training

- ROU - Route Management Expert Training

- PRD - Production Management Expert Training

Required Materials: Notebook


At the end of "Automation Implementation Training", the participants will be able to manage;

- Analyze needs of the business prior to implementation.

- With the advanced concept and sectoral knowledge acquired, a road map can be determined in line with the needs of the business and a standard installation can be done by making the necessary setups.